Art Connections Studio Tours

My studio was visited by a tour group from Art Connections Tours which included a tour of my work in house and several interesting discussions about the making of art, showcasing art and the Asheville art scene.

Art Connections Tours take participants into the coves and hollows of Western North Carolina, to small, charming towns and down hidden back roads past worn out barns and stunning mountain views. In this place of enduring beauty, we’ll discover work that reflects and holds the beauty of the surroundings. With Sherry’s lifetime of knowledge and stories from the region, the backdrop comes colorfully to life.

Oil Paintings from Alison Webb Studio in Asheville, NCIn addition to its reputation for fine craft, the area around Asheville has become known as a foodie destination. With Sherry’s insider knowledge, our full-day tours will get a taste of the area’s celebrated locavore cuisine, an art in itself.

Art Connections is the premiere art tour that facilitates you connecting to the art world of Asheville and Western NC. If you’d like to learn more about Art Connections and to join her to come see me in my studio, please visit her website at:

By the way, the June issue of Artists Magazine features 10 cities for living an artful life and Asheville, North Carolina is right up there with Sante Fe, NYC, Los Angeles, Portland!


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